Different curtain headings will set the functionality and style of curtains by the way they're hung, so we're here to help you choose the right curtain headings to style your windows perfectly.

Top & Bottom Grommet Curtain Heading

These grommets provide a sturdy and secure method of hanging curtains outdoors, as they can withstand wind, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. The top grommets are designed to hold the weight of the curtains and provide stability, while the bottom grommets prevent the curtains from flapping in the wind. This ensures that the curtains stay in place and maintain their aesthetic appeal, while also providing protection from the elements.


Grommet Curtain Heading

Silver grommets are used to create evenly spaced openings or eyelets along the top. Grommet Top Curtains are the easiest to hang, as the curtain rod is threaded through the grommets, and they can be easily opened and closed by sliding the curtain along the rod. The grommets also allow the curtain to hang in soft, even folds, creating a contemporary and streamlined look.


Tab Top Curtain Heading

Tab top curtain heading is a style of curtain headings that is characterized by loops or tabs sewn onto the top of the curtain. The loops or tabs are used to hang the curtains on the curtain rod, creating a casual and relaxed look. This type of curtain heading is popular for its simplicity and ease of use, as the tabs can easily slide over the rod without the need for hooks or rings.


Velcro tab top, also called detachable tab top, boasts a self-sticky design that allows you to easily hang the curtains without taking down the rod. The hook and loop of every tab will be locked together with just a press of the fabric. That's super easy. Even a runner mid-stride or a young kid can operate!


Rod Pocket Curtain Heading

A rod pocket heading is a style of curtain headings where the top of the curtain is folded over and stitched to create a pocket, through which a curtain rod can be inserted for hanging. This style of heading is often used for casual or informal curtains.


They are simple to hang and can be easily adjusted for length by moving the rod up or down. However, they do not offer as much flexibility in terms of fullness as some other curtain heading styles, as the fabric is not gathered or pleated.


Rod Pocket & Back Tab Curtain Heading

The rod pocket and back tab heading is a versatile and functional window treatment heading option. The rod pocket on the top allows for easy installation and a smooth, gathered look when the curtain is closed. Meanwhile, the back tab on the back of the panel provides a clean, tailored appearance and helps the curtain to hang neatly. This combination of styles combines the advantages of both rod pocket and back tab headings, and is suitable for a variety of décor styles and works well with both lightweight and heavier fabrics.


Pinch Pleat Curtain Heading

A pinch pleat curtain heading is a popular style of curtain heading where the fabric is gathered into tightly spaced groups of pleats, or pinches, along the top of the curtain. These pleats are usually hand-sewn in place or machine-stitched, creating a neat and structured look.


This style of curtain heading is often used for more formal or traditional curtain designs, as it creates a tailored and elegant look. They can be hung using a variety of methods, including rings or hooks, and are typically made from heavier fabrics such as velvet to help the pleats hold their shape.