Sitting outside, sipping a glass of wine and chatting with friends or family - you are living a dream patio life. But if it’s an open patio instead of an enclosed patio, bugs and flies may constantly distract you from this relaxing moment, especially during the summer. And sometimes, inclement weather during winter months will even turn it into a nightmare. Icy wind, torrential rain, heavy snowfalls... You know how harsh winter can be.

Benefits of Enclosed Patios

So, are there any ways to turn an existing open patio into an enclosed one? That’s a yes of course. Patio enclosures are exactly what you need. Different types of enclosures are able to cater to different needs:

  • add enough patio privacy;
  • prevent bugs and flies from entering;
  • block the sun and provide some shade;
  • screen the patio and keep out the cold;
  • ...

We'll walk you through 4 patio enclosure ideas on a budget below and help you find the most suitable one for you. Keep reading!

1. Clear Vinyl Tarps for Temporary Winter Patio Enclosure & Insulation

However, for areas that will suffer from harsh winter, above enclosed patio ideas may not be closed enough to winterize a patio and keep it warm and cozy. You'll need something that is dense enough and can be attached to the patio totally without leaving much unwrapped space for the cold air. That's why crystal-clear vinyl tarps is an ideal method to enclose a patio for winter.

These tarps are usually made from high-density and durable PVC materials, so they can serve as a barrier to cold, wind, rain, and snow as well as resist abrasion and wear and tear. Clear vinyl tarps also can keep your outdoor enclosed patio warm by slowing the flow of heat from the space to the cold outside air via the PVC tarp. Frigid temperatures will no longer bother you. And you and your family will have one more cozy place to hang out!

Another advantage of these budget-friendly clear vinyl tarps is that they have a very long life span, ranging from 6 to 12 years, if stored properly. You can buy one and use it to enclose your patio for years and years till you’re finally get tired of it. Isn’t that great?

If this enclosed patio idea sounds perfect to you, you may opt for KGorge Clear Vinyl Tarps. They are made of heavy duty PVC vinyl. The four sides of each tarp are reinforced by plastic plates and small metal holes made of durable aluminum. Plus, they are easy-to-install too! You can hang them on your patio with ropes and grommets.


2. Enhance Patio Privacy on a Budget with Top & Bottom Grommet Outdoor Curtains

If patio privacy and budget together is your major concern for enclosing a patio, outdoor curtains fixed at both top and bottom is no doubt the most suitable patio enclosure idea for you.

In this way, these fixed curtains won't fly around no matter how strong the wind is. They are windproof and thus are able to ensure your privacy from neighbors all year round. And regarding this, curtains made of heavy duty fabrics are considered to perform better. As designed for outdoor use, these curtains can protect you from rain, mold, mildew, etc. while providing enough privacy. Beside the functionality, you are also able to enclose a patio with carefully-selected outdoor curtains among a variety of colors and patterns to let others appreciate your stylish enclosed patio from afar without knowing what you are doing inside. 


3. Keep Bugs off Patio with Top & Bottom Grommet Canvas Curtain with Sheer Panel

But for those who find it unnecessary to block all the view for privacy and care more about blocking out noisy bugs, flies and birds, there is another closed patio idea to better satisfy your specific need - using outdoor canvas curtain with sheer panel. After their four sides are attached to a patio tightly, this curtain will pefectly serve as a barrier that effectively keeps bugs, mosquitoes, etc. out. In addition, the sheer part of it will filter some natural light to keep your enclosed patio bright enough inside. Therefore, you are able to enjoy the outdoor space without worrying about bugs, and give your kids or pets a comfortable space to play.

If you don’t want to spend too much time browsing and selecting, why not take KGorge’s Grommet Top and Bottom Outdoor Canvas Curtain with Sheer Panel as an option? It’s made of 12oz durable heavy duty fabric for maximum protection and it’s easy-to-clean by hosing it down with water and letting it dry in the sun. You can easily hang it on your patio with ropes!


4. Block the Sun on Your Patio with Solar Shades

Regions like Arizona, Texas and other western states are known for having most sun shines during winter in the US. If you happen to live in these areas, enclosing patio to block the harmful UV rays is more urgent. This is where solar shades come to help.

Solar shades are different from typical roller shades. As shown in their name, they are made of special fabric like PVC or HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) mesh that is designed to provide specific protection from UV rays. Solar shades are also a little more transparent, which is meant to reduce glare, filter the light and optimize the outside view. From sunrise to sunset, you are able to adjust the shades accordingly to keep sun out of your eyes and create just enough shade all the time. Your outdoor furnitures and rugs are protected from fading due to the sun. Meanwhile, these solar shades will also help you reduce a considerable amount of your energy costs!

Solar Shade from KGorge is fully customizable in size (online help for this is at your disposal). The chain comes with it is easy to operate and equipped with a child safety tension device. Besides, it also includes a bottom ring to prevent the shade from flying around in the wind when fully closed.


Above are 4 enclosed patio ideas we’ve selected for you according to different needs. Time to turn your patio into a more cozy and private one to spend more time in it!