5 Patio Privacy Ideas to Block Your Neighbor’s View

5 Patio Privacy Ideas to Block Your Neighbor’s View KGORGE Store

Have you ever felt like a celebrity when sitting on your patio and having some fun time outside? Neighbors or passersby is possibly peeking at you somewhere and easily get a clear picture of what you are doing on the patio. But you can’t blame curiosity anyway. That’s why privacy for a patio becomes a no-brainer. If you want to enjoy more of your outdoor living space, you’ll need a private patio. So how to add patio privacy within your budget? Try one of these 5 clever privacy ideas for patio to get a more secluded outdoor space.

1. Hang Outdoor Curtains

Hanging outdoor curtains is the most cost-efficient and effortless way for a covered patio among all the outdoor patio privacy ideas. You’ve already known how to hang curtains indoor and that’s the same with outdoor. That means you can finish the installation with just a flick of the wrist!

Also, there are so many choices of outdoor curtain styles, varying from different fabrics, colors, sizes to headings. Just pick one style that suits your patio and your budget best. It will definitely make your patio more private as well as add extra style to this area.

Once you get outdoor curtains for patio privacy, blocking out your neighbor's view from then on is only one of the benefits you will enjoy. Designed for outdoor use, most outdoor curtains are made of waterproof materials, which can prevent rain water from entering your patio. On sunny days, they can also block out glaring light and protect you from harmful UV rays. Moreover, outdoor curtains are able to block out noisy birds, resist rust... That’s totally worth it!


2. Install A Retractable Side Awning

If you have an uncovered patio and don’t want to spend a large amount of money to build a cover for it, then retractable side awning will be a perfect idea for patio privacy. First of all, patio retractable awning, made of polyester fabric, is breathable, waterproof and easy to clean. And by this method, the side awning becomes adjustable, so you can control it and pull out the awning whenever you need additional privacy. You are also still allowed to enjoy the sunlight from above the head while use it to block off the neighbor’s view.

This retractable awning for patio is a much flexible way for patio privacy as it won’t block your beautiful outdoor views permanently. You can form a side-closed outdoor space or retract it back for an open view or a block party at anytime.


3. Add A Hedge Wall

Building a hedge wall that is made up of fresh green plants, is a more permanent and natural outdoor patio privacy idea. Hedge walls are able to provide patio privacy from street traffic and neighbors as well as improve the look of your home. When choosing the right plants for your hedge wall, make sure they meet your needs: would they grow to the ideal height & width as you want? Are they evergreen or deciduous? Will they require extra maintenance? You can also find a local landscaping company for help.

Before getting creative and customize your own hedge wall for more patio privacy, remember to have a double check about whether there are any screening height regulations in your local area. 


4. Build A Living Wall

Over the past few years, living walls have become a more and more popular way regarding patio privacy. And that’s for a good reason: they are eco-friendly, nice-looking and doing a great job in creating outdoor privacy for a patio.

If you haven’t heard about living wall, it’s a wall covered with plants that are growing in containers or on other special material attached to the wall. It will create a green environment where people are happier to live in.

Comparing to other patio privacy ideas, growing a living wall is more costly to maintain if you hire a landscaper to do the work for you. And if you have a green thumb and plan to take care of them by yourself, it would also require both considerable time and money investments.


5. Surround Your Yard with A Fence Screen

If you don’t have much time to take care of real greenery, another more permanent solution to patio privacy is adding a fence screen to your existing fence. There are a variety of fence screens to provide privacy for a patio, including wood screen, vinyl screen, steel screen etc. Among all these selections, fence screen meshes are a relatively budget-friendly one for you as they are made of cheaper materials.

The KGorge mesh fence screen uses high-quality sun-protected HDPE (High-density polyethylene) fabric which have excellent performance in toughness, cut and wear resistance as durability.

By wrapping a fence screen mesh around your entire yard, you are provided with the maximum privacy for your whole outdoor living space. Fence screen meshes also come in several different colors to complement your patio design. Choose one that match the color of your patio to add the curb appeal. But do have a double check about your local building codes for the allowed fence height in your neighborhood.