With summertime being just around the corner, you’ll find that more ads begin to pop up for gardening supplies, patio sets, and flowers. Spring and early summer are truly the two best times for getting the chance to make changes in your backyard and truly transform this into a space that feels like a private oasis. But one thing is for certain, the sun will be out, it’s going to get hot, and there may even be concerns for privacy too.

With that said outdoor curtains are an excellent choice for blocking out the sun, keeping out bugs, drowning out sounds, keeping cool, and, most importantly, creating that layer of privacy as it does inside your home. As you may know, your curtains make a big difference on how your home interiors look, right? Well it can actually have the same approach when it comes to your backyard oasis. If you want to add some life and beauty to your little private retreat, then an outdoor curtain may just be the answer! Here are some ways that outdoor curtains add more life to your backyard!

How Can Outdoor Curtains Bring More Life to Your Garden?

So, can patio curtains truly bring more life to your backyard? Absolutely, just as your indoor living space has special features that make it look and feel the way it is, it can be the same for your outdoor living space too. Whether you have a pergola, gazebo, balcony, deck, or patio, all of these will need certain features to truly allow them to thrive. There’s the obvious such as the furniture and plants, but textiles are truly what brings it to life.

You have your throw blankets, cushions, rugs, and last but not least is the outdoor curtain. These add that comforting texture that counters the outdoor area's hardness. Think of it this way; most outdoor living areas are paved with brickwork, concrete, granite, or wood, so textiles like the outdoor curtain have a way of instantly softening the space and giving it more of a lived-in feeling.

Why You Should Add Patterned Curtains to Your Outdoor Space

A lot of indoor curtains are known for having varieties of stripes, dots, and florals, but why not bring these fun patterns outside? It might sound a bit unheard of, but if you want to make a bold statement in your outdoor space, then why not? They’re fun, stylish, and bring life to your garden, but you’re also going against normal (and boring) trends that are out there with outdoor living areas. Just as it’s easy to incorporate patterned curtains inside your home, it’s pretty easy to do it too outside.

For instance, if you want to create a nautical theme for your outdoor living space or even that little Mediterranean touch, then stripes are going to be your best option. If your outdoor space is reminiscent of a jungalow, then botanical or tropical print patterns for your outdoor curtain would be fabulous. Overall, these are going to help push the theme you want to create. Think of it as that final touch that brings the entire outdoor space together in unison.

Consider Some Solid-Colored Outdoor Curtains

If you’re looking for a more elegant approach to your outdoor living area, such as that five-star resort vibes, or even after a space that looks magazine-worthy, then you can count on solid-colored outdoor curtains to help you out. Plus, if you think about it, solid color curtains such as our Waterproof Grommet Top Patio Curtain can complement any range of styles from classic to modern. It’s especially ideal if you’re after a more timeless aesthetic for your outdoor living space. Coming in a range of twelve different colors, you’ll be able to beautifully capture the dreamy outdoor aesthetic that you’re after! So you’ll be in love with your outdoor living area for years to come!

How to Select Outdoor Curtains that Complement Your Space

Outdoor curtains aren’t just for aesthetics; you need to keep in mind that this offer has multiple uses. For starters, it’s to keep the harsh sunlight out and to add that layer of privacy. Since it has similar functions to an indoor curtain, you can also count on the outdoor curtain to have that same impact and that same transformation that an indoor curtain can do inside a space. Since there’s that massive impact, you’ll need to select curtains that work with your space, one that complements it while at the same time being functional, such as being windproof. Let’s look into the factors you’ll need to think about when choosing an outdoor curtain.

What’s Your Aesthetic?

Simply put it, what type of style are you wanting to go for? Is there anything, in particular, you want to achieve? For starters, you need to understand your home and this outdoor living space. What is the style? It can be anything you want it to be from contemporary, traditional, classic, Mediterranean influences, or romantic. This is going to help you choose the type of outdoor curtain and color that fits best.

Where will the Outdoor Curtain Go?

Not all outdoor curtains are created equally, so you’ll also need to choose wisely. Is your outdoor living area underneath a pergola, a porch, a deck, or anywhere else outside? This is actually going to play an impact on where and how you can install your outdoor curtains.

How Exposed Will the Outdoor Curtain Be to the Elements?

For the most part, you can expect high-quality outdoor curtain brands like KGorge to offer waterproof curtains. This is ideal for times when it randomly starts raining unexpectedly. Plus, they need to be mold resistant and easy enough to clean too. But regardless, when choosing an outdoor curtain, regardless of appearance, you need to ask how exposed it will be to the elements. Something like a sun shade sail is going to be entirely exposed to the elements compared to an outdoor curtain that’s under the roof of a porch. Overall, when you’re selecting an outdoor curtain to transform your outdoor living space, you can’t forget about this!