Outdoor curtains can be a great addition to any outdoor space, providing privacy, shade, and a touch of elegance. However, one common problem homeowners face with outdoor curtains is that they can easily blow in the wind, causing frustration and annoyance. It’s great to feel that summer breeze, but one big gust can make your curtains go flying. It just instantly makes the outdoor living experience fall less comfortable, plus there’s always the risk of injuries or things getting broken. Fortunately, these major annoyances can be fixed fairly easily. So let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can prevent your outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind.

Choose the Right Fabric

This may sound obvious, but this is something that should really be put into consideration before choosing outdoor curtains. There are so many different types of fabric out there for outdoor curtains; it’s something you need to pay close attention to. You should choose a fabric that is heavier and more wind-resistant, such as canvas or outdoor-rated polyester.

These fabrics are more likely to stay in place during windy conditions. Does it mean that lightweight fabrics should be avoided? For the most part, yes, lightweight and sheer fabrics can easily catch the wind. Fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk may look beautiful but are not suitable for outdoor use, especially if you live in an area with high winds.

Install Wind-Resistant Hardware

Did you know that there’s actually hardware out there that’s specifically meant to help avoid curtains getting caught in the wind? Whether it’s your porch, pergola, pavilion, gazebo, or anywhere else, you can have special hardware installed to help stop the harsh wind from ruining your cozy oasis. In terms of hardware, you’re going to have some different options. So let’s dive into the potential options you could use.


This is actually a common thing that a lot of restaurants, hotels, and resorts do. It gives a luxurious appearance to the outdoor area while still fighting back against the wind. If you don’t need to use your curtains at the moment, but they’re still hung, you could use some lovely outdoor curtain tiebacks for them.

For tiebacks, you can use materials such as rope, ribbon, or fabric to create loops that can be tied around the curtains. Tiebacks not only help prevent the curtains from blowing in the wind but can also add a decorative element to your outdoor space. You can essentially tie them to the pole or whatever is supporting your outdoor roofing to prevent them from blowing in the wind.


An option that’s not commonly known by many would be adding windproof weighted bags to your outdoor curtains. These can be used to fill the bags with things such as sand, rocks, or other heavy materials. You can attach them to the bottom of the curtains using clips, Velcro, or even sewing them directly onto the curtains. This is a fairly quick and affordable solution that almost never fails, but make sure to get a bag per curtain panel.

windproof curtains weighted bags

Curtain Rod

You’re obviously going to have your outdoor curtain hung on a curtain rod, right? Well, did you know that there are outdoor curtains that exist where the grommets are on the top and bottom? Windproof curtains are a thing, and these are entirely meant to fight back against wind destroying the outdoor living experience. You’ll just need to make sure that you have a space such as a porch or a pergola where you can have a bottom curtain rod installed. Just be sure that you’re careful, as a floor curtain rod can be seen as a tripping hazard.

Alternative DIY Solutions

There are official methods for preventing outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind, but there are technically some DIY options, too, if you want to go for that. Granted, some of these may not work or could be nothing more than a temporary fix.

For starters, it’s always recommended to go for a more official approach when you want to stop your outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind. You can instantly trust that the official methods are listed above, they’re stress-free, and they’re not going to risk any damage to your outdoor curtains either. But if you’re still wanting a quick fix and you’d prefer to go the DIY route, then here are some options you could look into.


Velcro is something else you could take a look at when you’re trying to solve the curtain wind issues. It’s not a perfect solution, but it can be useful to keep your curtains closed during light breezes and a windy day. It won’t stop them from blowing in strong winds, but it will be enough to reduce the effect and help them stay closed for longer periods of time. You can either sew or glue Velcro to the curtain and glue the other piece to a support system like a wall or pole. Unless you have weighted bags, you’re going to have a harder time finding colors that match your curtain if you go this route.

Clip the Drapes Together

If you live in an area with a lot of wind, it can be very irritating to see your outdoor curtains blowing around all the time. So another DIY solution you could try could be clipping all of your patio curtains together. This might help with light breezes, but this isn’t something that’s going to help if there are large gusts.

Surrounded By Heavy Potted Plants

Depending on your outdoor living space, you may have wind coming through different directions, so one thing you could try would be to surround your patio curtains with heavy potted plants, such as 30-gallon soiled-filled pots. While it won’t instantly solve the problem, there will at least be less mobility for your curtains. Alternatively, you could place something else heavy such as your patio furniture, next to the curtains. But after a while, this could still get pretty annoying.

Outdoor Curtain Wind Prevention

Preventing outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind can be challenging, but with the right fabric, hardware, and accessories, it is possible to keep them in place. Always ensure that the hardware is securely installed, and consider using tiebacks or weights to keep the curtains from blowing around. While DIY options are always possible, it’s still vital to keep in mind that these may only fix the problem temporarily. It’s strongly encouraged to go with windproof curtains if you truly want to make all the difference in your outdoor space!