Do sunshades work for deck, patio, pergola etc.? Definitely. Installing outdoor sun shade sails is a great way to protect your outdoor space from the sun's rays and rain. And with the right materials and tools for sun shade sail installation, anyone can get the job done in just a couple of hours.

How to Measure

1. Sun shade sail measurements should be taken from corner to corner.
2. Estimate how much area you want to shade. Find 4 mounting points for sunshades, and they can be roofs, trees, poles, walls, etc.
3. Measure 4 mounting points. It is recommended that you buy 1-2 inch smaller than the coverage area.
4. Mounting on 4 mounting points.

How to Install

1. Begin by finding an anchor point for the sun shade sail. If you are using posts or walls, make sure they are securely grounded and will be able to handle the tension of the sun shade sail. If you are using trees or other natural anchors, ensure they are strong enough to carry the weight of the sun shade sail.
2. Once you’ve identified the anchor points, begin attaching the sails to the anchors. You might need the hardware kit below to attach them. Depending on the type of sail you have, you will either need to use screws to attach the sail to the anchor point or use ratchet straps for a more secure fit. Make sure to double-check the tension of the sun shade sail to ensure it is secured properly.
3. Finally, you need to tidy up and make sure all the hardware connections are made properly. Once everything is held in place, you can enjoy your outdoor space in the shade during hot summer days.