Measuring Guide for PVC Clear Tarp


When it comes to protecting your belongings from the elements or creating a temporary shelter, PVC Clear Tarps are an excellent choice. And these durable covers can be used for a wide range of applications.

However,it's important to get accurate measurements to ensure that the tarp fits your specific needs. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to measure for PVC clear tarp.

1. Measure Your Coverage Area

Before purchasing a clear tarp, it's important to determine the size of the area you need to cover. Measure the length and width of the space using a tape measure or ruler. By knowing the dimensions, you can select a tarp that will adequately protect and cover the entire area.

2. Check Standard Tarp Sizes

PVC Clear Tarps are available in various standard sizes that are commonly found and can be a convenient choice if they match your needs. You can check if any of the standard sizes we offer on the product page meet your requirements.   


3. Consider Custom Sizes Tarp

If your coverage area doesn't fit standard tarp sizes, consider opting for custom-sized tarps. You can contact us at for your custom requirements.