After working so hard for the whole summer, your air conditioner is probably taking its vacation outside. Considering the freezing wind, snow, and rain your A/C may face during the winter, many of you would wonder: Should I cover my air conditioner in the winter to protect it? The answer is: It depends. Keep reading to find out under what circumstance you should cover AC unit in winter and what air conditioning cover is suitable for you.

Whether to Use Outdoor AC Cover

Your geography is the first key factor deciding whether you should have an AC cover for winter or not. If you are living in the northern or eastern parts of the United States, which have colder weather as compared to the western and southern parts, it’s necessary to cover AC unit in winter against snowfalls and ice build-up. Although you may think that the AC unit must have been tested to withstand this icy conditions, frequent snowfalls can still damage the coils over time. Air conditioner winter cover can help you prolong its life. So, it is needed for sure since you’ve spent a large amount of money on your HVAC system.

Another circumstance is that your AC unit is surrounded by trees or is under a tree/a section of the roof. Then your ac cover outdoor will be needed for keeping leaves and twigs from falling on your AC unit and filling its inside with debris or preventing icicles from falling on the unit and damaging its fan. By using a outdoor AC cover, you can keep your unit clean throughout the winter.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor AC Cover

To find your perfect air conditioner covers for winter, you need to take several factors into consideration, including measurements, material and cover type.

Accurate Measuring & Sizing

Get a snug-fitted air conditioner cover for winter is of great importance. Loose outdoor AC cover can’t provide enough protection for your air conditioner as it will instead make a warm and ample space for animals like mice and rodents to survive the cold. And covers that are too small will still expose your AC unit to falling elements.

Then how to measure for the right size of your HVAC cover? You need to find the accurate width, depth, and height as shown below.

  • Width: Measure the side without wiring and piping
  • Depth: Measure the side that is with the wiring and piping
  • Height: Measure from ground to the top of your air conditioner

Proper Material

As is used outside for covering air conditioner in winter, the materials of A/C covers should be breathable, durable and waterproof. Felt, flannel, and cotton should be avoided since they would attract nesting pests like mice and squirrel.

Recommended material options are heavy duty polyester, nylon, canvas, etc. For example, lightweight 300-denier polyester, as is used by KGorge AC covers, is water resistant, durable and provides solid protection with affordable price.

Suitable Type of A/C Covers

Different types of winter air conditioner covers are designed for different protection focuses, which can be weather-resistant, debris-resistant, etc. Thus, you still need to find out the most suitable one for your needs. The 2 most commonly used types are Top AC Cover and Full AC Cover.

1. Top AC Cover

This top winter AC cover is designed to prevent leaves, twigs or other debris from falling into the inside of your AC unit. Besides, the air conditioning cover can also absorb the force of falling elements so that your air conditioner will stay undamaged. Therefore, this kind of winter AC cover will be a perfect fit if you have many trees near your AC unit. It’s also a more budget-friendly choice for those who live in warm parts of the US.

KGorge Armor Top AC Cover, made of 300D stock-dyed polyester, are waterproof, dustproof and UV-resistant. It was fabricated with 4 armor plates sewn between 2 layers of durable polyester to efficiently achieve force absorption. Its 4 rust-resistant grommets and heavy-duty bungee cords also help hold the cover securely in place all the time.

2. Full AC Cover

A full winter AC cover is a one-for-all solution for your outdoor air conditioner. It provides protection against both falling debris and inclement weather during the freezing winter. So, if you are living in the areas with harsh winter conditions, such as excessive snowfalls, this is a great choice for your air conditioner potection. But do remember to choose full AC covers that are made of breathable materials or equipped with mesh vent so that moisture won’t be trapped under the cover and cause the air conditioner to rust.

KGorge Full AC Cover is equipped with mesh vents to improve airflow and prevent trapped moisture. And it’s easy to install with an elastic hem and adjustable buckle straps that provides a flexible, yet snug fit. Touch fastener closure is added to the AC cover to accommodate wires and pipes of different heights for neat appearance. There are also multiple sizes to choose from.