Are you on the hunt for the perfect pair of curtains to fit your every requirement? With so many materials, colours, and design options available, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start when making the correct decision for your individual household. Read on if you’re seeking more information on the different curtain types available to you and which scenarios that they’re best suited to.


indoor curtains


Indoor curtains

With most curtains being found in the interior of households, there are many different choices to consider, with different added features all having their own advantages. For indoor curtains, you could aim for a stylish interior design look of the curtains to match with the rest of the room you are trying to transform. Curtains can capture the eye of guests more than you might think, and the curtains, as large pieces of material, significantly add to the colour scheme of any room. Indoor curtains are the perfect choice for most homeowners since they provide warmth through some insulation, keep things cosy, and offer privacy to each room in the house by blocking out windows.


Different layers

There are different numbers of layers included in indoor curtains, which customers can often get confused about. They are usually 2, 3, or 4 layers each, each product having a different purpose. The 2-layer curtains are blackout curtains, efficiently blocking out light to maximum ability. 3-layer curtains are effective at sound blocking, reducing sound from 8 to 10 decibels. Finally, 4-layer curtains are often dustproof: a great feature to add to curtains in any room in your interior. The higher the number of layers usually costs more money, but this isn’t to say that a lower number of layers in curtains are bad quality, though – they still have an efficient design at a more affordable price.


Different materials

Curtains can be made from different fabrics. This can include velvet, an easily washable material that is silky-smooth, drapery, and soft to touch. This material gives a classic, luxurious look, and velvet materials can often block out UV rays very effectively. Some curtains use blackout fabrics to specifically serve the purpose of blocking out light, whilst others contain super heavy but soft fabrics for noise-cancelling and light-blocking features.

The great thing about indoor curtains is that there are so many different designs and colours available at your fingertips. Whether you want soundproof curtains, blackout curtains, or thermally insulated curtains, you could easily pick features to suit you as well as the design of your interior to start improving your home today.

Outdoor curtains


Outdoor curtains

Outdoor curtains are ideal for transforming the look of your patio, porch deck, or garden. They’re great for adding privacy when you want it, not to mention style! Outdoor curtains can create an outdoor room, separating you from the rest of the world to enhance certain scenarios, whether this is a garden party or simply a chilled, summery slumber. There are a lot of different options to choose from when thinking about your exterior, all with, like indoor curtains, different features offering benefits suited to specific things. Common outdoor curtains have a windproof or waterproof feature, so keep this in mind if you’re wanting to purchase some curtains for your exterior. After all, you need your curtains to be practical as well as look good, and long life is often important for any investment.


Blackout curtains

This type of indoor curtain refers to opaque materials used to blackout light from your rooms to create maximum darkness. These fabric types are commonly found in hotels, stopping a great portion of light from entering a room that would have entered otherwise when the curtains are shut. If you’re a particularly light sleeper and find yourself waking up from sleep due to large amounts of light entering your bedroom in the morning, blackout curtains might be a good purchase to prevent this, allowing your body to think that it is still night so that you sleep for longer. This could, therefore, also be a good option for people needing to go to sleep early, whether is it to get up early the next day for work or generally just improve your sleep cycle. With this in mind, blackout curtains are often a good choice for children’s bedrooms since they usually have earlier bedtimes and need to be encouraged to fall asleep.

The blackout curtains available at our company are made with quality fabric, and they impede the large majority of UV rays from entering any given room. Dark colour curtains work even better when coupled with blackout fabrics if you want the best performance possible. These types of curtains are often also noise-reducing and balance the temperature of your room by insulating against the sun and winter chill. It might be worth paying a little extra for blackout curtains compared to normal curtains so that your furniture, floors, and walls don’t get worn out over time by the sun. Blackout blinds are made to last for a long time and are easily washable. Therefore, they come with many great benefits and can be worth it in certain situations.


Soundproof curtains

There’re always some people who wished the area they lived in was a little quieter. This can be particularly true in large cities, particularly city centres. With many facing constant noise pollution with road traffic, morning workers going about their daily lives, and even clubbers spilling out onto the streets after a night of partying, soundproof curtains could be the answer. Noisy weather can sometimes regularly be an issue too, especially if you live by the coast. In these scenarios, many people may be woken up in the night or early morning when they should be asleep, yet soundproof curtains could work wonders to prevent this.

Most soundproof curtains available are insulated for extra thicknesses, helping you reduce the energy costs of heating your home as well as keeping things quieter. Therefore, you could be saving money in the long run. Some of the products include a fabric liner in the middle of the material which absorbs sound more effectively than regular curtains. With the added thickness to prevent sound, these curtains’ quality is designed to endure many years of use, meaning you shouldn’t have to replace them frequently. They also usually keep out more light than normal curtains, adding to the benefits of helping you get to sleep easier.

Waterproof curtains

Waterproof curtains can be very effective for bathrooms if you’re on the hunt for a shower curtain. Not only can this type of curtain offer privacy and separation whilst you are washing, but it can also enhance the interior design of the bathroom, as well as expertly dealing with large amounts of water. The water-resistant feature helps keep water inside the bathtub instead of allowing the curtain to soak up all the water for itself. Its material, often polyester fabric, can withstand moisture-rich environments found in bathrooms. Whilst many people opt for glass cubicles, some people prefer waterproof shower curtains for their opaque design.

Waterproof curtains can also be popular for outdoor use. Outdoor curtains can also offer privacy, and by adding one to your patio or garden, you could separate yourself from nosy neighbours and get yourself in a relaxed mood. Adding a waterproof feature to these curtains could be a very wise idea to target the issue of rainfall. With the material designed to be weatherproof, these curtains should be able to withstand diverse outdoor conditions, and they can even block out sunlight for added shade. These types of curtains could easily match your home design and transform the look of your garden. Plus, they’re easily washable.


Windproof curtains

Windproof curtains can be a great purchase in some scenarios, including those for outdoor patios and decks. If it’s a particularly nice day but the wind is strong, you wouldn’t want your exterior curtains to flap about and get in the way of things, which is why windproof curtains are a great idea. They are designed to stay weighted and fixed to avoid waving and blowing in the weather, enabling them to carry out their purpose of giving you your privacy. Windproof curtains, whilst being able to withstand high wind and rainfall, can also protect you from sunlight if you’re wanting a bit of shade. Windproof curtains can transform the look of your patio, porch, or balcony into a functioning outdoor room!


So, hopefully, this will have given you a better idea about what types of curtains best suit different scenarios. Outdoor curtains are specifically designed to withstand harsher weather conditions than indoor curtains, therefore including windproof and waterproof features. If you’re searching for a curtain that lets in as minimal light as possible, whether this is for your kids or yourself, blackout curtains are a good option to take.